What’s going on?

The pigs of Kew Little Pigs are facing homelessness.

As of 24th February 2017 over 50 Pigs, 3 Goats and 4 Chickens will face eviction after 2 and a half years of hard work, dedication and over £150k spent developing the land. During our time at Stampwell farm we have turned our space into a place of beauty and relaxation.

We have been told that we are not agricultural in terms of land use, something we fully dispute,  and Kew Little Pigs had an eviction notice of 3 months given in mid winter just before Christmas – this is an impossible task to find somewhere and re home so many animals in such a short time frame.

The staff at Kew Little Pigs and all feed deliveries have now been stopped accessing the land where the pigs are – meaning their welfare is at risk and a huge problem.

Latimer Minster Church and Stampwell Farm plan to build 8 houses and luxury apartments pushing Kew Little Pigs out!

What we need: 

We would like the opportunity to stay at our plot until we are given a fair time frame to find somewhere new, having previously been told an 18 months exit strategy could be discussed with compensation. It takes a lot of planning (and legalities) to move so many animals. We also need to be permitted to have visits to the farm in order the raise funds as at present we haven’t got the funds to move, and if the stop on our visits persist then we may not even have funds to pay our feed bills.

Please help us to look after these much loved animals and find a forever home for them. Please spread the word by signing this petition and helping our pigs to be cared for and protected.

Please give us your support by passing this around – we need around 3 acres of land to set our pigs up a home where they will be happy and cared for and our customers, pig fans and local community organisations can visit and enjoy a wonderful learning experience.