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I am a young single mother who owns a business breeding micro pigs in Buckinghamshire. The pigs are bred to be sold as pets; we also take them to events, and for educational and therapeutic sessions. Sadly, my livelihood has come under threat due to the behaviour of Francis Orr Ewing, the vicar of Latimer Minster church, and also the landlord at Stampwell Farm, Buckinghamshire.

I began my business in 2010 in my garden in Kew. As the business grew, we needed to relocate. In 2014 I was introduced to Francis, who was looking for young entrepreneurs to lease smallholdings at Stampwell farm, with an indefinite, rolling contract. I relocated my family to Buckinghamshire and set to work investing in our future. With over 50 pigs plus other livestock, Kew Little Pigs is now the industry leader in breeding micro pigs.

Mr Orr Ewing, has planned to build 8 houses and renovate his grade 2 listed barns into luxury apartments.

In 2016 Latimer Minster Church refused to renew our tenancy agreement. We have now been given legal notice to leave by the 24th February 2017. Relocation at such short notice where livestock is involved is impossible.


Kew Little Pigs has evolved into a thriving business and is a great asset in the community, employing local people and providing educational visits to many local community groups and people all over the UK. The business still remains primarily agricultural.

We’ve been issued an eviction of the 24th February 2017 with no compensation for infrastructure, investments or moving costs, or any regard to the welfare of our animals. We are reaching out to the community, our customers and followers to support us in asking Latimer Minster to give us more time to find somewhere suitable where we can continue to care for the animals and continue to run our many services and expand our wonderful business.


How you can help us:

  1. Sign the petition which can grant us acceptable time to find somewhere and relocate
  1. Shout out if you know of any commercial land to rent in South Bucks
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Olivia Mikhail