Meet the pigs

Boe spends her day creating mayhem around the farm, by demanding food all day long and getting the others to join in, she is definitely the leader. She loves to have her belly rubbed and actually keeps herself very clean considering she is white and quite a digger! She loves to have the attention and if there are any visitors to the farm she will sulk if they do not spend all of their time with her, so it’s safe to say she is quite a diva! Boe is very clever and shows this by jumping out of her pen to see what we are up to in the office. Boe’s smiley face makes us glad to come into the office every morning, as she makes us smile with her, even when she is creating mayhem! Boe has appeared on many things including Britain & Ireland’s next top model and Sunday brunch.


Jemima is Kew, our first show pig’s daughter, and she is like her in many ways. Her father is Patrick, also an old show pig, so it’s in her genes to be a show off! She doesn’t like to be in the forefront of piggy arguments and would rather have her own space, and go to bed and get comfy. She loves to be around people as she knows there will be food involved! She is a very chatty pig, and will gladly talk to you. She is starting to come out of her shell and can also be quite cheeky! Jemima has also appeared at The London Pet Show 2013, and even won best in show for our micro pig racing event!

Kew has been with us since we started Kew Little Pigs and we are now proud to say that she is a lovely mother for the fifth time. She loves to have her belly rubbed, and gets our attention by tipping her water over! She is very friendly and sits on demand. She loves to have the attention and being brushed as she is a princess. Kew, along with her sister Stephanie, was Moonpig mascot for a year when she was younger, visiting their offices every month as a treat for the staff. Kew has also been on TV before on the Live with Gabby show, as well as other upcoming shows. She can also be seen on our promotional video’s on our youtube channel.

Scarlett is one of our beautiful micro pig sows. She has thick black and pink hair and is 5 years old. She is currently living with the girls and loving it! Scarlett loves having people around her and loves to be brushed too! Scarlett is a very calm and placid pig, she does not like to get involved in piggy politics on the farm.


Gizmo is quite shy in comparison to Boe, his sister, but he still loves the attention! He is the cute one that everyone loves, he has the most adoptions, so he loves to be stroked and fed (especially fed!). He is very chilled out and loves to just route around his pen or go to sleep! But when Boe starts to cause trouble, he is the first one to go along with her, it’s still clear they love each other! Gizmo is a very clever pig and his party trick is to sit on demand, he loves to do this as he knows he is going to get a treat after, although sometimes he gets too greedy and jumps up! Gizmo has done quite a few different things, including being involved in a modelling campaign with Veronica Moncho Lobo.

Patrick is our 5 year old boar. He has a big black fluffy mohawk and loves his belly rubbed. Patrick has done many shows and events with us, including the London pet show and we are now looking to hire him out on boar hire. Patrick is a lovely size and is so friendly. He is the first to come and greet everyone as he likes the attention. Patrick has modelled for Love it! magazine before and was a natural!


We have lots more gorgeous piggies at the farm, all with amazing personalities. Please do come along and visit!